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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage employs the the use of five different styles of strokes to promote relaxation, increased blood flow, as well as supporting immune health. This gentle form of massage is the style most commonly used by therapists.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage focuses on deep muscle layers, as well as on connective tissue known as fascia. These slow, sustained, and deep strokes have been shown to be beneficial for physical ailments such as low back pain, whiplash, limited range of motion due to hypertonic muscles, as well as other ailments.

Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is a band of muscle within is in its most contracted state. Think of it as a muscle band that doesn't know how to let go and return to its normal state. Trigger points also hae what is known as "referred pain" where when pressure is applied t a trigger point, the pain with either radiate in that area, or refer to another part of the body. Trigger Point therapy focuses on the release of these trigger points as well as trying to return that band of muscle to its healthy, stretchable state.


60 min - $65

90 min - $95

120 min - $125

Special rates

As somebody who is all too aware with the joys of school along with full time work, I will be offering special rates for students.

60 min - $45

90 min - $75

120 min - $105


As my way of saying thank you, with any session you purchase, you will receive a referral card. If you refer a friend, you will receive a FREE massage equal to what your referral purchased. That mean that if they purchased a 30 minute massage, you will receive a free 30 minute session. If they purchase a 120 min session, you will receive a free 120 minute session. You receive ONE referral card per session purchased.

If you are a returning client and would like to go ahead and book, you are able to do so at the link below! If you are a new client, please either call or text me at 502.625.5378 to set up your first appointment.


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